It may sound strange to say that a granny flat is not necessarily meant for a granny, but can be a useful and convenient addition to your home just for itself. There are various advantages to building a granny flat.

Granny flats

A granny flat is a self-contained dwelling on your property. It can be added to the house, or built separately on the property. If it’s part of the same building, then you will have access to it from inside the house, but it must also have its own entrance, so that it can be independent. If the flat is a separate dwelling or built on top of the garage, then it will automatically have a separate entrance.

It is important that the granny flat is completely self-contained, which means it must have at least a kitchenette. This means that whoever occupies it can have independence, but will also be close to the main house if they wish/need to be.

The flat should also blend with the look and style of the house so that it is integrated into the property.

Granny flat building services

When you are looking for granny flat building services, then you should use a company that specialises in additions to existing homes and have long experience specifically in granny flats. Your forever home nsw fits both these requirements, so they are your natural fit.

Investment potential

One of the advantages of building a granny flat is that it can add value to the property. It is not extraordinarily expensive, in the long term, by adding to the possible selling price. Whether the flat is attached to the existing house, or is separate, it should match the style and look of the house.

Advantages of building a granny flat: family

Any part of your home becomes integral to your family life. Just because the added space is called a ‘granny flat’ doesn’t mean that it has to be used exclusively for a grandparent. A self-contained addition to your home can be used in a number of different ways by your and your family.

You can, of course, specifically have the flat as a space for the grandparents to live independently, but close enough to be part of the family — and if they need any help.

As your kids grow up, they want more independence. Turning your granny flat not a room for your young adult means they can have that independence, but still choose to be part of the family.

You could also turn the flat into a flat share for your child and a friend when they are studying or begin working.

You can also think creatively about what the space can mean. If any member of the family practises a craft or has a hobby, the space can become a craft or hobby room.

Especially in the days of Covid, a lot of families have moved to online or homeschooling. Your granny flat could be a perfect space to turn into an ‘at home classroom’. Your kids could even make their own snacks in the kitchenette.

If you’ve begun to work from home, but haven’t got a dedicated space available, the granny flat would make a good office. Or it could become a study area.

Then, of course, there is always the need for relatives (maybe even Granny) coming to visit and needing space.

Advantages of building a granny flat: rental

To really get a return on your investment, possibly the best of the advantages of building a granny flat is the possibility for rental.

A granny flat is perfectly suited for independent rental as a bed and breakfast. You can rent it out for people traveling for work or leisure and looking for something for a night or two. Providing breakfast will be attractive to those guests.

Because your granny flat is self-sufficient, you can also rent it out for longer periods as a self-catering unit. This can easily be advertised on various online platforms.

It is possible that someone may want to rent the space on a middle, or even long-term basis.

In all of these cases, your granny flat will generate some welcome additional income.


The advantages of building a granny flat are based on family convenience and rental income generation. In both cases, the number of options prove how useful a granny flat can be.