Looking for bathroom extension ideas for small spaces can be a challenge. In fact, bathroom layouts are usually a challenge, let alone when you have a small one. Going through hundreds of bathroom designs can be time-consuming. Moreover, it can affect your creative planning for your remodeling project. If your bathroom needs a bit more space, but you’re uncertain of how to start, you should know that you’re not alone. In 2020, approximately 30% of Americans felt that they could no longer stand their old bathroom. You should keep on reading to find out more about how you can successfully improve the space in your bathroom with these amazing ideas.

1. Add Some Wall Mirrors

Did you know that adding a mirror in any room in your home is a great way for you to add more space? The fact is that a mirror across any wall is an ideal way to enhance the look and feel of your bathroom. Mirrors also reflect a lot of light into your bathroom. This means that you can get double the amount of light from your fixtures and even windows.

2. Install a Shower

The fact of the matter is that your tub will take up twice as much floor space when you compare it to your shower. If you can, you should consider losing your tub. This way, you can open up more space. If you don’t have any children, showers are an economically effective way to save space in your bathroom. However, if you do have children or pets you should consider other options. For instance, you can install a lower profile tub, or even a hand-held shower. This should make it easy for them to get in and out. In addition, it offers them better safety measures to avoid any threatening slips while your little one is in the shower.

3. Choose Wall Mounted Toilets

You’d be surprised to find out how much space a small wall mounted toilet can save you. The benefits of bathroom extension ideas is that you don’t need to do significant changes to increase your space. If you want to improve your legroom and your floor space, you should use the walls in your bathroom to mount a new toilet.

Another addition that you can consider after mounting your toilet is shelving just above the tank. This should offer you ample storage. Alternatively, you can create a narrow ledge by extending your vanity top.

4. Consider Pocket Doors

Let’s say that you can’t eliminate your tub. You still need to find effective ways to ensure that you improve the space in your bathroom. How can you go about this without losing the aesthetic appeal of your bathroom? You can opt for pocket doors instead of the conventional swinging entry door. This is one of those space-saving ideas that you’ll likely not think of. You can gain a lot of space and flexibility in your bathroom area. You should easily find modern sliding doors that can match your bathroom design.

5. Add an Accent Wall

One of the benefits of bathroom extension ideas is that you can add some color while you’re at it. Adding an accent wall is one of those great ideas that you can use. Since your bathroom is small, you should place your accent wall on your back wall. You can decide how you want to add your color. Some people choose to splash color on the whole wall. While others prefer to add a band of color. It’s entirely up to the look and feel that you want to have in your bathroom. You should remember that brighter color tones like you blues can give your room more depth. Most importantly, these colors don’t overwhelm your room.

6. Mix Dark Floors and Light Walls

Being strategic with color should benefit you a lot. If you have dark floors, match them with lighter walls. This should help you to improve the light reflection in your bathroom. Switch up any dark walls for a more spacious feel.

In summary, the benefits of bathroom extension ideas are many. They don’t only help to improve your overall space. But, they can help to increase the market value of your entire home. If you’re planning on reselling in the future, this can be a huge advantage for you. Especially if you’ve thought of your bathroom space as something that can work against you. To get the most out of your bathroom remodel for better space, you should visit our site yourforeverhomensw, today.